Wild Iris Pin

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Apatura Iris Butterfly Pin
by Trovelore

2″ tall x 3″ wide.

Taking its name from the Greek work for a rainbow, the Iris has been an inspiration for some legendary painters. Leonardo da Vinci, Durer, Renoir, Cezanne, Gauguin, Claude Monet, were all inspired by this beautiful flower but perhaps the most famous would be the ‘Irises’ by Van Gogh, selling for over 50 million dollars. The three sectioned symbol Fleur de Lys, is an ancient representation of the Iris flower and was a mark of the French Royalty.

About the Artist

Delicate needlecraft is one of the rich cultural traditions of India. Arizona sisters Seema and Dhruti of Trovelore have introduced a collection of timeless brooches inspired by insects, butterflies and bright vivid color – brought to life through the process of embroidery. Glittering glass seed beads catch the light and give depth to each pin.
Each piece is crafted in India with love and care.

Trovelore is an embroidery atelier specialising in the intricate luneville needlework technique. This collection of embellished jewelry celebrates craftsmanship through a modern design sensibility. The Trovelore atelier helps sustain and keep alive hand workmanship that has been in the artisans' family for generations. Making these products is the artisans' prime source of livelihood and Trovelore is humbled in their contribution to this cause.

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