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Museum of American Glass Publications of exhibit catalogs of special and temporary exhibitions can be purchased online here.
About the Museum of American Glass
The Museum of American Glass is at the core of WheatonArts and celebrates the creativity and craftsmanship of American glass. Most noteworthy,  the American Alliance of Museums accredited the Museum making it one of only eight museums in the state of New Jersey with this accreditation. Visitors explore a collection of over 20,000 pieces in an over 18,000 square feet of exhibition space. Additionally, a research library and archives are also housed within.

The building that currently houses the collection opened in December of 1973. Interestingly, the facade was created to be representative of the era of the ’70s. At the time, Bicentennial fever fueled an interest in faux-historical settings. Visitors initially found the collection interpreted through a chronological history. Consequently, the rooms in the museum were designed to display the pieces in period style.

Wheaton Village became WheatonArts in 2006 evolving with the changes in audiences and their interests over the past 40 years. Furthermore, the mission, “engaging artists and audiences in an exploration of creativity, informed the name change to expand beyond historical emphasis.

WheatonArts is a leading resource on the art and history of glass made in America. Hence, it houses one of the most comprehensive collections of American glass in the world. Museum of American Glass Publications has documented many of the exhibits of both historical and contemporary glass.

Finally, you will see changes in the Museum of American Glass keep the museum relevant to our community and reflective of the creative atmosphere at WheatonArts. Most importantly, our commitment to preserve Southern New Jersey’s glassmaking heritage and its relationship to the history of glass made in America continues.

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