Green Crowned Woodnymph Hummingbird Pin

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Green Crowned Woodnymph Hummingbird Pin By Trovelore

These medium sized humming birds inhabit the understudy of humid lowland forests. The distinctive males show off thier crowns' glittering green colour in bedazzling shades. Thier wings can beat up to 80 times a second, enabling them to hover effortlessly mid air or dive at astonishing speeds.

This pin is hand embroidered with cotton, felt, metal and beads in India. The pin measures approx. 2″ h. and 1.75″ w.

Trovelore is an embroidery atelier specialising in the intricate luneville needlework techique. This collection of embellished jewelry celebrates craftmanship through a modren design sensibility. The Trovelore atelier helps sustain and keep alive hand workmanship that has been in the artisans' family for generations. Making these products is the artisans' prime source of livelihood and Trovelore is humbled in thier contribution to this cause.

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