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WheatonArts’ gallery has featured one-of-a-kind contemporary sculpture and fine crafts for more than twenty years. You will find a variety of mediums like glass, ceramics, wood, metal, and mixed media, along with a broad selection of glass jewelry. Visitors view works by featured artists, including established and emerging artists and studios. Furthermore, the gallery is dedicated to excellence in studio glass art and regional craft. Indeed, it is a well-known destination for collectors, artists, and students alike. As well, it is your primary source for pottery made at WheatonArts, including Terry Plaskets’s pottery.

Past solo exhibitors include internationally acclaimed glass artist Paul Stankard and fine artist Glenn Rudderow. Artists spotlighted in Creative Glass Center of America (CGCA) Fellowship Alumni shows include Amy Lemaire, David Leppla, Kait Rhoads, and Matthew Szosz. The three-time guest curator has been a sculptor, Michelle Post.

In summary, you will find a diverse range of work from select sculptural pieces from exhibits and a variety of functional and decorative pieces, emphasizing works in glass. The highlights of the glass jewelry collection include Kim Erixon and Alicia Niles. Items from WheatonArts Resident Artists, CGCA Fellows, and other nationally and internationally known artists are available for sale.

Museum Exhibition Catalogs and books are also offered in the gallery.



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