WheatonArts Victorian Handcooler Green

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WheatonArts Victorian Handcooler in Green

This egg-shapped paperweight is handcrafted in the Wheaton Arts Glass Studio. It is stamped on the bottom. Card Included. 2 1/2″ x 1 5/8″

Appropriate dress was very important to women of the early Victorian era. Every event, whether it was a formal ball, a garden party, or a quiet evening at home, required an acceptable costume and matching accesories. A lady always made sure
she wore the right gown, apropriate hat, and suitable gloves and parasol, and invariably kept at least one hand cooler nearby.

Hand coolers were just what their name implied…dainty glass eggs held by Victorian women to cool their hands on a hot summer day. It would have been considered a glaring social error to present a sweaty palm to a guest or a potential beau. In an age when medicine was still a fledgling science, women also believed holding a hand cooler helped ward off passing fevers. The eggs had an additional utilitarian purpose as well…they could be used to darn socks!

The dainty eggs which have become so collectable in recent years, continue to be made in a variety of styles. Some are transparent, but many are designed with internal bubbles and twists of color, as well as with millefiori canes, fruit and flowers.

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