Blue Magnum Roses & Complex Concentric Paperweight



Blue Magnum Roses and Complex Concentric Dome Paperweight by John Deacons.
Handcrafted in Scotland. Large Blue Dome Paperweight accented with multicolored canes laid out in a concentric pattern. Measures approximately 3″ wide x 2.25″ high.

About the Artist

John originally started with Strathearn, moving to Perthshire on its setting up. In 1978 he left to form his own firm, J Glass, which traded until 1983 and produced many fine weights. These days John makes weights on a much smaller scale in his home studio, which helps keep his costs down and prices competitive. Indeed, his weights are widely recognized as offering exceptional value for money.

The Deacons studio is world-renowned for innovation, and John and his son Craig are constantly coming up with new ideas.

There's probably nothing in the way of paperweights that John isn't capable of making, and the sheer variety of styles is impressive. We hope you enjoy seeing the variety of styles.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs