WheatonArts Glass Paperweight Amethyst Swirl

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Amethyst Swirl Glass Paperweight
by WheatonArts Glass Studio Artists

Add a pop of jewel toned color to your environment!
Lavender and deep amethyst tones swirl around a clear central bubble in this glass paperweight made at WheatonArts. Molten glass is rolled in vibrant chips of color, then handformed into a solid swirled orb with a flat base. The molten glass is pressed at its base with a WheatonArts stamp for the final touch. Although similar in size and color, each orb will be distinctly different, due to the unique process of creation. Orbs measure 2.5″ -3″ in diameter and 2″-2.5″ in height. Each is gift boxed with a WheatonArts enclosure.


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