Green and Pink Wig-Wag Pendant by Bill Futer

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Green and Pink Wig-Wag Pendant by Bill Futer, WheatonArts Flamework Studio Volunteer Artist. This flameword glass pendant has a Wig-Wag design on the front in green and pink. It has a black frit back and measures approximately 1.5″ high including the loop. It measures 1″ wide.

About the Artist

Bill Futer states…

My first foray into artistic creation was black smithing. I have since taken classes in flameworking at the Carlisle School of Glass and I am now exploring this new and exciting medium.

Bill Futer is a volunteer in the WheatonArts Flameworking Studio. As such, he does demonstrations for visitors to WheatonArts. On occasion, he lets his audience pick out the colors for whatever he is working on. This lets the crowd feel connected, while at the same time helping Bill, who is color blind.

Known for his pendants, Bill has recently started making marbles. His geometric air traps are pleasing to the eye, while at the same time his appealing vortex marbles are whirling and amorphous. They each make great additions to any collection.


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