Pig Cylinder Pottery Mug by Terry Plasket

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Pig Pottery Cylinder Mug by Terry Plasket. This pottery mug was handcrafted at WheatonArts by Resident Potter, Terry Plasket. It is made from porcelain, salt glaze and uses the flashing slip technique. It can be used for hot or cold liquids and can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. Signed by artist. Artist Card and Gift Box Included. Approx. 4.5″ h x 4.5″ wide including handle. PLEASE NOTE Each piece is handcrafted therefore it may vary slightly from the image.

Terry Plasket-Plasket Stoneware
WheatonArts Resident Artist Since 1979
Vineland, NJ

This work is handmade on a potter's wheel using high fired stoneware clay. It is lead free and safe for use in a microwave oven and dishwasher. The pots are completely waterproof and may be used out-of-doors.

Artist's Statement:
“Most of these pieces are the result of a line of work I am doing which is influenced by the Art Pottery made between 1910 and 1930, most notably Fulper Pottery. The forms are simple yet quiet with a tendency to complement the style of Stickely Furniture. The glazes are usually soft yet have depth using subtle colors in the glazes using mixtures of various metal oxides. As in the glazes of the Art Pottery Period, I use both matte and gloss glazes depending on the feel I want each pot to have and it's function. Overlapping glazes will produce new colors and visual texture often with only slightly predictable results. Fluid glazes applied over stiffer ones cause the dripping effect, but the patterns formed are random. Each firing is different so the glazes never come out of the kilns the same, making each pot truly one-of-a-kind.”



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