2″ Lt Aqua Ocean Marble by Mazet Studios



2″ Light Aqua Ocean Marble by Mazet Studio. Accented with dichroic glass. Signed on the bottom. Artist Card Included. Measures Approximately 2″ diameter.

About the Artist

Mazet Studios is the work of the three Mazet brothers: Joshua, Eli and Timothy, who have been creating glass art since about 2000. The Pacific Northwest has become a recognized center for glass art and is very competitive with skilled contemporary lamp workers. The award winning Mazet brothers are based in Eugene, Oregon.

Joshua Mazet received his BFA in Ceramics from the University of Oregon in 1999. After graduating he was invited into the Fine Arts Department as a resident artist. For three years he held a studio at the U of O, instructing 25 students and community members year round in the art of wood fired ceramics.

It was during this time Josh was introduced to lamp working. With his degree in ceramics behind him, Josh had a natural understanding and comfort with flame atmospheres, kilns, and the chemistry of glass. This compounded with similarities of the materials, allowed for a smooth and rapid learning of the new medium.

Timothy Mazet is the youngest of the Mazet brothers, and the most naturally gifted artist. He has a great eye for detail and precision, which can be seen in his Dichroic Vortex marbles. He had always enjoyed drawing, and is a self taught tattoo artist. In 2000, Tim expressed his interest in glass to Josh and together they set up a small glass studio.

Eli Mazet might be the most passionate glass artist you could ever meet. Setting up his own studio space within months of Tim, Eli was on his torch for 30-40 hours a week. In a few years Eli accomplished a level of skill that would take most people a lifetime. Eli loves the challenge of creating new work and is always willing to try something new.

Three brothers working together allows for a great range of expression, and unlimited potential. Their sources of inspiration are varied, as are their personalities. Ultimately, they seek to make beautiful objects for people to enjoy and cherish for lifetimes. They all love what they do!

Over the years their work has received recognition and awards including The Eugene Glass School Flame-Off, Sonoran Glass Academy Flame-Off and Glass Craft and Bead Expo Gallery of Excellence. In addition to their studio work, Joshua and Eli regularly instruct lamp working from their private studio and at various schools throughout the U.S. Presently their work can be found in private and public collections, fine galleries and museums, across the country and internationally.

The Mazet brothers live and maintain their studio in Wyoming.

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