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About The Gallery of Fine Craft

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Glass works by Jason Howard in The Gallery of Fine Craft with a back drop of a variety of works the background.

In 2020, WheatonArts celebrated its 50th anniversary as one of the most unusual and creative landmarks in the Northeast! Meanwhile, The Gallery of Fine Craft enjoys boasting over 25 years as an integral part of this vital arts institution. We hope both the collectors and the artists that we represent celebrate this significant milestone with us.

The Creative Glass Fellowship brings both national and international artists to WheatonArts yearly. During their time on campus, we have the unique opportunity to connect with them. The visiting artists create, experiment, and their art evolves within our glass studio facility and in their private studio space. Furthermore, we represent their works past their Wheaton experience and as they continue to recreate processes and explore subject matters.

Through the gallery’s extensive connections, additional established and emerging artists seek to show their works here too. The gallery also hosts special, solo and group exhibitions each year in the over 1,000 square foot exhibit room. Past solo exhibitors include internationally acclaimed glass artist, Paul Stankard and fine artist, Glenn Rudderow. Artists spotlighted in Fellowship Alumni shows include Amy Lemaire, David Leppla, Kait Rhoads, and Matthew Szosz. The three-time guest curator has been a sculptor, Michelle Post.

Contemporary studio craft artists who display at WheatonArts work in various styles and innovative techniques. You will always find many one-of-a-kind artworks for collectors as well as items for gift-giving, all handmade. As the gallery manager, Noele Alampi focuses on bringing together fine art, craft, and excellent design of mainly North American artists. She presents both functional and non-functional works making them available to Wheaton’s audience to enjoy along with the Museum of American Glass.

Noele will spotlight artists whose exceptional work is sought by collectors and enthusiasts alike in the upcoming blogs. She will highlight a variety of pieces that can be seen in person. Furthermore, she’ll make them available online when they cannot be visited.

Be sure to follow along to make fascinating, new discoveries!

Paul Stankard Gallery Reception and book-signing