Turquoise & Orange Cane Plate with stand

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Turquoise and Orange Cane Plate by Matheiu Grodet. Flameworked blown glass plate. Signature Cane on back. Comes with metal stand. Measures approximately 8.25″ in diameter.

About the Artist
Through my work, I am attempting to be a witness of my time, to testify and to reflect the absurdity of the world around me, to speak about the eternal return and create bridges between yesterday and tomorrow. I create small tales, sceneries and anecdotes to talk about our common thread, our common history with a critical view on social, political and cultural issues. I strive to have my work reflect a deep interrogation on the world and its violence. I use a variety of techniques and materials to reflect the poetic decay of today’s society and represent my vision of the current outside world. Combining modern graphic design imagery with old glass material to bring my work to a contemporary art scene. I endeavour to explore the conversation between the old and the new and always try to fix the present as well as to make it last forever.

Mathieu Grodet was born in Orleans, France where he first studied art and drawing at the Visual Art Institute of Orleans. In 1999, he discovered the medium of glass and began his career in this ancient art by training at several studios across France and Europe. He began learning flame work at CERFAV (the European Centre for Research and Training in Glass Art).
After many travels, Mathieu dropped his suitcases in Canada where he now applies the different techniques acquired over the years. His work includes Venetian style thin goblets, original enamel drawings on glass, murrini and various glass creations. With all his work, he attempts to bring the past of glass together with the present – the outside world inside. His work explores themes of contradiction, power, duality and the absurdity of life. Mathieu also lectures and teaches the techniques he has learned. His recent workshops, lectures and classes have included various cities in China, France, Canada and the United States.
His work is in private collections across Europe and North America and can be seen at the Corning Museum of Glass and the Art Institute of Chicago along with several galleries in Canada.

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