Shane Fero Disparate Birds with Exotic Fruit & Egg

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“Disparate Birds with Exotic Fruit & Egg” Grouping by Shane Fero. This set includes 3 blown birds , 5 pieces of fruit and 1 egg. The are accented in the colors of Black, white, red & fused gold leaf. They are made of Flameworked glass & acid-etched. The Tallest bird Measures approximately 4″h x 6″ w x 3″d ,signed on birds' tail and date, 2009.

Shane Fero

Shane Fero Artist Statement on Birds:

During my 50+ year career I have been fascinated with and have rendered bird imagery into my work in various forms. This focus has sharpened in the last 18 years with the blown bird series, which is based on techniques of German flameworking. I learned these techniques when I was a young apprentice, although I brought them into a contemporary context in relation to my work. I have always combined bird and human elements in my sculptures, vessel forms, and mixed media pieces. The present bird series began after 9/11 to counter the mood and malaise of that time period.

Birds have that special metaphysical and spiritual quality, which is reflected in their colors, gestures, song, and flight. Plus, I love to invoke humor and character into these pieces, especially in the titles. I have also added bird prints in the medium of vitreography printed at Harvey Littleton Studios, watercolors on paper, and paintings in acrylic on canvas to the mix.

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