Saguro Cactus Tumbler

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“Saguro Cactus Glass Tumbler” by Broken Arrow Glass. Handblown glass tumbler. 5″ h x 2.75 w. Artist Card and gift box included. Hand wash only please.

Broken Arrow Glass
Cottonwood, AZ

Chris Bogle and Shelby Kaye work with glass through a contemporary exploration of process and craft. Their style of glass making has been formed from the study of traditional glassblowering techniques. The duo combines the traditional application of cameo technique through their non-traditional process to create their line of graphic glasses. Inspired by mid-century barware, their glasses fuse design with pop images to create patterned glasses that will suite your thirst for any bev, anytime!

Chris Bogle is originally from Chandler, AZ and Shelby Kaye is from Oklahoma City,OK. The two both left their hometowns to study art and glass. Chris moved to Tennessee and Sherlby moved to New York City.

The two met while studying glass in Washington at Pilchuck Glass School. As the two grew as friends and fellow curious artists their work and paths began to overlap.

Winter of 2014, Chris Bogle Graduated from the Appalachian Center for Craft with a degree in Glassblowing, and Shelby Kaye graduated from New York University with a degree in Sculpture. Upon finishing school, Chris left Tennessee and moved out east to work at Wheaton Arts in New Jersey. Shelby Kaye stayed in New York City to work as a teacher's assistant at Urban Glass. As the two now lived closer, they began collaborating on patterned graphic glasses.

After tiring of the East coast grind, the two decided to pick up and hit the road for some travel, fun, and experience. It was here on this unknown journey across the country that they rescued their main squeeze and loving puppy, Arrow!

Their adventures on the open road led them all around and somehow always circling back through the magical deserts of the Southwest. Things aligned and the two were given the opportunity to move to the desert for a reason. Chris began working as a glassblower and coldworker for The Melting Point in Sedona, AZ.

The couple now lives outside Sedona, where they have had the time, energy, and creative flow to give life to the cups that they love.

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