Mushroom Patch 100 Piece Puzzle Snax

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Mushroom Patch 100 Piece Puzzle Snax
by WerkShoppe

Artwork by Emma Jayne

The creators of WerkShoppe are inspired as an art and design community, highlighting contemporary art and helping people to connect to it in an accessible way. Their puzzles are made in the USA featuring Eska©, a 100% recycled paperboard, and are printed with non-toxic vegetable based inks.
Although delightful for kids over the age of 5, Puzzle Snax are based on the concept that the benefits of relaxing with and completing a puzzle can be acheived quickly and are for everyone. It's “Art You Can Get Your Hands On”. The Puzzle Snax is a fun-sized treat for the mind, for all ages above 5. The Mushroom Patch puzzle is packaged in a 5.5″ x 8″ resealable bag. The completed puzzle measures 8″ x 10″.

About the artist:
“Emma Jayne is an illustrator and pattern designer, living in the beautiful county of Cheshire in the UK. Her favorite subjects to draw are animals and nature. She works with traditional materials; gouache, watercolor and ink and then finishes the artwork using Photoshop. Her intention is to create feelings of joy and optimism with her playful and fun images.”

“A portion from every purchased puzzle goes to the featured artist and programs that support art engagement and education”


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