Momento Mori Flower Column



Momento Mori Flower Column – Paul Stankard and Rocko Bellaso Collaboration. A white skull is suspended over a lavender flower. “Momento Mori” is a latin phrase meaning “Remember that you have to die”. Flameworked borosilcate glass. Measures approximately 2.5″ h x 1.25″ w.

About the Artists

Collaboration between Rocko Bellaso and Paul Stankard
“Momento Mori Flower Columns”.

Paul states “Rocko Belloso who is a master in the borosilicate world was
able to interpret my botanical vocabulary in a way that has inspired me
knowing that a new botanical aesthetic is going to evolve in the borosilicate
world. I was assisting Rocko with keeping things hot, organizing the
vacuum pick-up for the honeybees, and all around taking advantage of his incredible talent.

I'm fascinated with the possibility of different aesthetic results that could
develop by using borosilicate glass. The quality of the colors and clear
glass rods is impressive. Takes a lot longer to encase the components and
ball up the glass, that said Rocko Belloso brings skill with patience to the
task. I prefer the title Boro Flower Balls with the belief that future collectors
will embrace the category that will evolve going beyond the paperweight
world with enthusiastic collectors building large collections with a wide range of artists represented in their collections.”



Additional information

Weight 4 lbs