Mercury Paperweight by Glass Eye Studio



“Mercury” Paperweight from the Celestial Series. This white side of this paperweight glows in the dark. 3″D. Gift Boxed in a velvet gift box with story card.

Glass Eye Studio Seattle, WA

Glass Eye Studio was founded on the belief that talented glass artists should have a place to work where their skills and creativity are fully appreciated. Glass Eye Studio is collected by people all over the world. Each piece they produce contains ash from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

The 'Mercury' card states:

“The planet Mercury is named after the fleet-footed messenger of the Roman gods. It is the swiftest of the orbiting worlds, speeding aroung the sun at nearly 108,000 miles an hour. Its bright side heats to temperatures that could melt lead, while the polar regions dip to 235 degrees below zero. Catch a glimpse of this planet full of contrast and mystery.”

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Weight 3 lbs