Large Feather Raspberry by Scott Staats Glass

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Large Feather Raspberry by Scott Staats Glass. This hot worked glass feather is hand shaped making no two alike. Signed by the artist. It measures approximately 16″ l x 3″ w.

About the Artist

Scott Staats is a glassblower who creates hand blown glass art at his studio in New Jersey. His fascination with glass began in high school while working in the coldshop of a glassblowing studio. Years later he began blowing glass at the same studio as an apprentice and then becoming a lead glass blower. Scott continued his career working in production and design studios, managing a public access studio and starting his own business in 2017.

Drawing upon the shapes and colors of the natural world Scott uses hot glass to design works of art that reflects its beauty, elegance and sophisticated chaos. The fluidity of molten glass has a beautiful way of capturing motion and freezing it in place. Incorporating traditional techniques, vibrant color applications and a variety of surface finishing techniques Scott’s work blends realism with the abstract to create an alluring collection.

I blow each piece of glass in my studio. Once the glass is cooled I will do any grinding polishing and sandblasting that is needed. If there is any assembly or adornment it is done last by myself to finish the piece.

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