Ice Dwarf by Glass Eye Studio



Ice Dwarf Paperweight by Glass Eye Studio. Measures Approx. 3″ diameter. Comes gift boxed with story card.

Glass Eye Studio
Seattle, WA

Glass Eye Studio was founded on the belief that talented glass artists should have a place to work where their skills and creativity are fully appreciated. Glass Eye Studio is collected by people all over the world. Each piece they produce contains ash from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

The 'Ice Dwarf' card states:
“A planetary body larger than a comet and icier than an asteroid, these cold and lonesome entities such as Pluto, Charon, and Triton take on a celestial realm all their own. Shrouded by thick hydrogen atmospheres, the dwarfs hold their ground amongst the vast Universe with dense make-ups of extremenly cold elements. These frigid and distant creations, usually closed off to all, are now visible thanks to skilled artists at Glass Eye Studio.”

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Weight 2 lbs