Hexagon Stained Glass Suncatcher by John Marselis

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Hexagon Suncatcher by John Marselis. Leaded clear glass hexagonal shaped suncatcher. Display in a window and let the sun shine through. Comes with metal chain to hang. Made in NJ. Artist Card included. Measures approx. 7″ w x 6.5″ h

About the Artist

John Marselis
John D. Marselis is a local artist who found his calling in the art of glass. A
veteran glass artist since 1975, he explores his chosen craft with a
tremendous passion for the challenging medium.

The core of John’s blown glass and paperweights centers on color, shape,
and texture, three distinct elements that make his work identifiable and
unique. Immersed in a strong tradition of glassblowing as a volunteer at
WheatonArts, John finds that his work is nurtured by his environment and the
camaraderie between fellow artists. He has found glass to be a dynamic and
rewarding process that allows him to constantly experiment with a variety of
shapes and forms.

As a further extension of his love for glass, John enjoys photographing other
glass artists, capturing their skill and raw talent on film. His pictures catch the
rhythm and tempo he seeks to incorporate in his own vessels. John strives to
convey the feeling of and artist recreating himself through the cool and
delicate surface of every finished piece.

John’s blown and stained glass can be seen on display in various galleries
throughout the South Jersey region.

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