Greeting Card Feathers in the Grass

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Feathers in the Grass
by Little Green

Using quality, eco-friendly materials and featuring original design, this 4.5 x 5.5″ blank card will allow you to personalize your message, beautifully. Suitable for a birthday, thank you or sympathy card.

Katie Dean is a letterpress artist known for her vibrant color palette. The Little Green line of greeting cards is based on her original linoleum block prints. These multi-layered designs are influenced by her passion for exploring and getting lost in the beauty of open spaces.
A sketch of her idea starts the process and she hand carves each design into a linoleum block. Each color requires a separate block, and colors are layered one over the other on an antique letterpress to create the final image.

She enjoys taking pieces of one idea to create something new to enjoy.


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