Glass Hopper Sculpture Ivan Bestari Minar Pradipta



Glass Hopper #1 by Ivan Bestari Minar Pradipta. Flameworked recycled bottle glass mini sculpture. Measures approximately 2″ l x 1″ w. Created in 2024.

About the Artist

Ivan’s work has been included in numerous group shows in Indonesia, and included in exhibitions in Turkey, Russia, Singapore, and in international virtual exhibitions. In 2021, he presented a solo exhibition, “Belantara Kaca”, at the Sangkring Art Space in Yogyakarta City; and in 2022 he presented another solo exhibition at the Widya Mataran University.

Ivan has been working with scrap glass at the torch since 2011 using a torch he was given by the scientific glassblower who built it. Ivan states of his glass practice, “Inspired by nature and the imaginative realm I created an alternative reality where my thoughts and soul can freely wander, through the metamorphic process from insignificant scrap glass into art.”

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs