Fused Glass Red Partridge with Lavender Accents

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Fused Glass Red Partridge with Lavender Accents on Steel Florette Base

by Diana Juratovac of Agape Fused Glass

Crafted impeccably, with a cheery combination of bright color and charismatic design. This fused glass partridge stands 9.5″ tall and gazes to the left on a sturdy steel base with a 3.5″ diameter.

I create vibrant, graphic-inspired pieces of fused glass by kiln fusing layers of hand cut, cold worked Bullseye glass together with lamp-worked or kiln fused glass rods. Multiple firings add depth and unique qualities to each piece. My background in design definitely influences my glass work, the two unite my love of pattern, shape and color into one medium I can use to make a complete and unique piece of art.


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Weight 3 lbs