Etched Glass Sandpiper Cooler

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Etched Glass Sandpiper Cooler

You can almost hear waves rolling onto the beach as etched shorebirds skitter about a frothy, frosted border on these 15oz cooler glasses. Measuring 6″ tall, each glass is designed, cut and polished by skilled artisans in the USA. Although the glassware is considered diswasher safe, we recommend hand washing in warm water.

Rolf Glass is an innovator in American glass cutting and engraving and a leader in quality tabletop giftware. Rolf Glass is well known for its unique and original images, as well as its quirky designs, on quality crystal and glassware. Each product puts a distinctive twist on contemporary glass, adding a touch of fun to the table.

Rolf Poeting founded Rolf Glass in 1981 after emigrating from Germany and remains dedicated to producing quality, American-designed glassware by skilled glassworkers in Western Pennsylvania. Located in the historic glassmaking town of Mount Pleasant, every piece of Rolf Glass is part of a long, storied history of Western Pennsylvania glassmaking. The location of the manufacturing plant is a symbol of Rolf Glass's dedication to keeping the glass industry thriving in Western Pennsylvania and America.


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