Davala Designs – Fiesta Necklace on Cord

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Fiesta Beaded Necklace on Cord by Davala Designs. This necklace is handmade using a technique called “beadweaving” usings tiny glass beads. The cord closes with a glass bead. The pendant measures approximately 2.75″ wide by 2.5″ long. The cord measures approxmiately 18″ long.

About the Artist

Sharon Manewitz
Davala Designs
New York

I started beading with my mother as a child. The colors and creative possibilities fed my soul. I went on to business school and a career in financial services, but I never strayed from my need to explore the arts and crafts. Making beautiful things became an essential part of my being. My hobby interests spanned mixed media, calligraphy, textile arts and, of course, making jewelry.

When I discovered bead weaving and seed beads, my life outside of work was transformed. When I was introduced to the world of Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, my love of math, color, shapes, and textures converged in a magical way. My work at the WheatonArts represents the elements that are important to me in a curated selection of earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and fashion trinkets. I love to bead!

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