Boxed Set of 2 Bayberry Taper Candles

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Boxed Set of Two 10″ Bayberry Taper Candles
by Mole Hollow Candles

Did you know that bayberry candles have a rich tradition as a gift of good fortune and friendship during the holiday season?

This boxed set of two hand dipped tapers is a glowing gift for friends, family or your own table, all year long. 10″ tapers with a spicy fragrance and a soft, satin finish will add warmth and elegance to your home environment.
Since 1969, Mole Hollow candles have been made in Massachusetts with attention to quality detail. A custom box protects the smooth finish of the candles and includes The Bayberry Candle Legend. Trim the 100% cotton wick to detach the candles before displaying.
Note: The fluted 7/8″ diameter at the base of the candle is an ideal fit for most standard candlesticks. In one image here, candles are displayed in two Mosser Milk Glass Candlesticks, sold separately.

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