Blue Columbines Sculpture by Vicki Schneider



“Blue Columbines Sculpture” by Vicki Schneider. Flameworked soda lime glass, solid work, on driftwood. 14″ h x 13″ w x 9″ d

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Artist’s Statement

Vicki Schneider Hot Glass Sculptor

Like our lives, glass presents us with a dichotomy: an entity that is strong while being fragile at the same time. Through my designs and execution, I strive for my work to illustrate these seemingly contradictory characteristics.

Adding a raw, earthy element, I mount my pieces on wood that has been ravaged by the forces of nature. Some might think driftwood would be an abrasive contrast to smooth, shiny glass, but I find its weathered appearance further enhances the beauty of my sculptures and adds a sense of permanence to each installation.

Working with glass presents many challenges, challenges I thrive on as I explore and push the limits of this mystifying medium. My current body of work, Mama’s Garden, preserves a brief moment in nature so others can appreciate it for a lifetime.

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