25 Nature Spectacles in NJ Softcover Book

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25 Nature Spectacles in New Jersey
by Joanna Burger and Michael Gochfeld

Publisher: Rutgers University Press
326 pages, softcover.

About 25 Nature Spectacles in NJ:

Join Joanna Burger and Michael Gochfeld as they guide you to New Jersey's most marvelous natural spectacles. From mating Horseshoe Crabs in the Delaware Bay to Goldenclub and orchids at Webb's Mill Bog, the authors show us Garden State nature at its best…

Being in the right place at the right time makes all the difference, so this book is organized by season to ensure the best viewing. The authors' description of each spectacle – written in lively, engaging prose – provides ambiance plus natural and life history information, allowing readers to enjoy fully what they are observing. A listing of key locations, directions, and the best time to visit heads each entry. A final section gives sources of more information. The authors also include a number of other spectacles that, while not making the top twenty-five list, are still well worth checking out.

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