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Artist Spotlight: Eunsuh Choi

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Artist Introduction by Noele Alampi

Manager, The Gallery of Fine Craft at WheatonArts

Eunsuh Choi was the featured artist at the Annual International Flameworking Conference at Salem Community College when I first met her in 2013. The Gallery had the opportunity to represent her work, and I was genuinely amazed by her sculptures. The dichotomy of the work’s airy weightlessness compared to the rigidity of the borosilicate glass medium truly pulls in the viewer. Her motifs of ladders, clouds, and houses suggest a dreamlike state, and her technical prowess helps deliver a powerful message.

Choi’s work is currently placed in a bay window allowing the natural light to shine through and highlight the glistening clear glass. The pieces catch the eye of many visitors drawn in by their ethereal beauty and elevate them beyond where they stand.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Eunsuh Choi

Eunsuh Choi poses with her face framed by one of her scultpures

Eunsuh Choi

South Korean born glass artist, residing in Rochester, NY

From the Artist

“My work specifically focuses on communicating the graceful flow of our emotional tendencies through the plastic medium of flameworked glass. I like to work sculpturally, utilizing form and its surrounding atmosphere to portray narratives based on the human encounter with success and failure in the pursuit of personal ambition.

I’m interested in portraying human aspiration with organic forms from the new perspective I had about myself within a foreign country. Originally from South Korea, I relocated to the United States. My Korean heritage tends to make me question myself in terms of my direction as an artist and an individual especially here in the USA. To address my interest in human aspiration, I like to integrate my personal philosophy and experience incorporating my Korean heritage into the work in an effort to merge my eastern background and my western experiences, similar to how we, as humankind, are unified through the sensation of personal ambition.

The structures that I create within recent work resemble objects that the viewer is familiar with in daily living. Ladders, trees, clouds, boxes, houses, and even hybrids of the five appear as reoccurring formal motifs.”

– Eunsuh Choi

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