WheatonArts Pwt Rope Twist Green

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WheatonArts Paperweight Rope Twist Green. This handcrafted paperweight features three colors twisted into a rope design. Stamped on the bottom. Story card included. 3″ diameter.

Paperweights have been made in this country since
about 1850 and currently enjoy popularity for both
practical and decorative purposes. In the South
Jersey factories, paperweights were made by the
glassworkers as a “whimsey” or “end-of-day” piece,
not as a factory production item. They were given
to friends and family as mementos. Air bubbles or
colored elements such as flowers and spirals magnified
under a clear crystal dome are typical of early
South Jersey weights. Handcast animal figurines became
popular novelties in the early 20th century. At
Wheaton Village, our resident artists continue the
southern New Jersey tradition of paperweight making.


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