Triceratops Cufflinks



Triceratops Cufflinks by Sorcery Science.

The Triceratops itself measures approx. 3/4″ wide x 1/2″ high and is on Platinum Plated cufflinks, so they will not tarnish. These cufflinks come gift boxed and ready to give as a gift. Everything is handmade in Pittsburgh by Sorcery Science owners, Carrie and Joe.

These cuff-links are a double layer design; the bottom layer is wood with a stainless steel cutout of a Triceratops head on top. Based on the fossil specimen of a Triceratops, these cufflinks show the skull of a real dinosaur.

Fun Fact: The village of Haddonfield, New Jersey contains the site of “Ground Zero” for dinosaur paleontology in the Americas. It is here that the first nearly complete skeleton of a dinosaur was unearthed. Hadrosaurus foulkii was a late Cretaceous duck-billed dinosaur.

In 1858 its mineralized bones were found in a marl pit from which local farmers extracted a calcium-rich mud that they then blended into their own sandy farm fields.

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