Tan Knotted Necklace w/ Tan Center Bead

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“Tan Knotted Necklace with Tan Center Bead and Blue Accent Beads” by Bernadette Mahfood of Hotflash Designs. Adjustable thread chain adjusts up to 22″ long.
This necklace is handcrafted by handknotting threads and flameworking glass beads. Each design takes hours and hours to complete and no two are alike.

Bernadette Mahfood Handcrafted Glass
Winona, MN

Bernadette brings the precison of a mathematician and the creativity of an artist to her work. The processes incorporate contemporary and ancient techniques with both flameworked and kilnformed glass. Beads are made by heating a glass rod in a torch, wrapping the molten glass around a metal rod, shaping, decorating and then cooling the bead.

For the kilnformed work, flat glass pieces are cut then layered, glued, fired to 1450 degrees in a kiln, then carefully annealed and cooled. The resulting crisp and brilliant forms and colors enhance the purity of her orignal designs.

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Weight 1.5 lbs