Cleopatra Sleep Mask

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Cleopatra Silk Sleep Mask
by Trovelore

100% Silk
Dry Clean Only
6″ wide, adjustable headstrap.

Cleopatra, the queen of the Nile, with her exotic beauty and charm, earned herself an everlasting place in history. Her ruthless power struggles with her brothers, clever military alliances, and Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony made her prominent even in popular culture. Her legacy continues through art and literature based on her life events, like works by Shakespeare, Handel and George Bernard Show.

Needlecraft is one of the rich cultural traditions of India.
Combining colorful prints with detailed embroidery, Arizona sisters Seema and Dhruti of Trovelore have introduced a collection of silk sleep masks based on beauty.
Influenced by great artists, and their artwork, with a nod to popular culture at times.
Crafted with love and care in India.
All Trovelove products are hand-crafted. Small variations in color and design are the intrinsic characteristic of the process, making them unique and are in no way considered to be imperfections.

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