Stankard Studio Miniature Poppy Paperweight




Stankard Studio in Mantua, New Jersey was established in 2005 by Paul J.
Stankard to celebrate the talents of four artisans who have worked under his supervision.

Katherine Stankard Campbell, David J. Graeber, Pauline Stankard Iacovino and Christine Stankard Kressley are continuing the tradition by actively pursuing their creative identity in the art of the paperweight.

Katherine Stankard Campbell earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Active as a painter, she divides her time between painting and glass art. Katherine's 10 years of experience assisting her father, Paul Stankard, have become a strong foundation for her designs offered through Stankard Studio.

Pauline Stankard Iacovino began sculpting as a teenager. She focused on art and marketing at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia where she graduated in 1989. Her career as a studio assistant to her father, Paul Stankard began in 1996. Pauline's first paperweight design in the Stankard Studio Series utilizes the lost wax glass casting technique to bring an innovative imagery to the art of the paperweight.

Christine Stankard Kressley, an avid naturalist, has fond memories of nature hikes and artistic excursions with her father, Paul Stankard. Inspired by an artistic environment as a child, Christine completed her studies in art history from LaSalle University. Leaving the museum world, Christine joined her father in the studio, working as his assistant for 15 years. Christine's second Stankard Studio effort, “Honeysuckle Blossoms Paperweight” celebrates the second generation of flameworked floral paperweights.

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Weight 2 lbs