“Sparrow” Leather Ceramic Bracelet

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“Sparrow” Leather Ceramic Bracelet
Diana Kauffman Designs

The Ceramic Collection | Artisan-made glazed ceramic beads, high quality leather and metals.

Sparrow | Unlike the colorful peacock or the statuesque swan, the sparrow derives its beauty from its simple staure and harmonious hues. She symbolizes commitment and trust in both physically and spiritually in literature.

Sizing | Bracelet fits up to a 7″ circumfrence.
To determine your size, measure your wrist above the bone and add 1/4″ to 1″ depending how loose or snug you like your bracelets to feel.

Diana Kauffman Designs
Made from the highest quality leather, cork, beads and stones from around the world, Diana Kauffman Designs jewelry is globally inspired yet simple enough for everyday wear, everywhere. Founder and designer Diana Kauffman believes that “we are all handcrafted, strong and timeless.”

Each piece is handcrafted in the U.S.A. by handcrafted people. Founded in 2013, Diana Kauffman Designs can be found in exclusive boutiques and galleries across the United States.

How to Care for Your Jewelry
Our jewelry is electroplated with 99.9% sterling silver, copper or brass which is lead and nickel free, while 24kt. plated is nickel free. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and store safely when not in use.
Leather and cork are natural materials that will age beautifully with the wearer and is a desired effect. Metallic finishes will develop a natural craquelure effect over time. Natural vegetable dyed cork and leather will distress over time; they will absorb your natural skin oils and may become lighter or darker, Always removee your jewelry before intense workouts, bathing, swimming, showering or cleaning with chemicals. Normal handwashing is fine. Lotions and water can discolor leather or cork.
Ceramic beads are handmade and hand-glazed so they will have natural color variation which is part of the beauty and appeal of ceramics. They are fragile so please handle with care. Avoid setting down or dropping your jewely on hard surfaces to avoid breakage and store in a soft place when not in use.
Magnet care: Extreme heat, repeated dropping or radiation exposure can weaken a magnet's polarity.

Leather | Lead and Nickel Free

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