Selva Leaf by Ed Branson

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This handcrafted glass sculpture measures 24″ h x 14″ w. The shades of Orange, Green, Red and Purple are vibrant and tropical. Signed by artist. Artist card included.

Ed Branson
Ashfield, MA

“I hope that my glass captures the magic of glassblowing and has a unique beauty that communicates with us. My creative process is inspired by combining natures colors and forms with the limitless and surprising qualities of glass. Mastering this material requires understanding it more than controlling it. During extensive experimentation I employ traditional glassblowing techniques and develop many original and new techniques. The goal of my exploration is to discover more than create. I am fortunate to spend my life pursuing beauty. I hope that my work, in a small way, can be a positive influence in our world. ”

Ed Branson's designs in handblown glass are distinguished by elegant, fluid shapes and jewel-like colors. Working alone, without the help of assistants, Branson creates one of a kind vessels. “In my work I try to combine the most precise glassblowing skills with the freedom of motion of hot liquid glass, which I achieve by dipping, dripping and pouring the glass,” explains Branson. Many of his pieces are done in a single transparent color, which is then cased over with clear crystal for added depth and brilliance. By manipulating the glass while it is hot, he is able to create graceful, organic shapes that mirror natural forms. Branson attended two of the country's finest glass schools, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine and the Pilchuck School of Glass in Washington State. He has worked as a glass artist since 1981 and prior to forming his own studio in 1987 he worked as an assistant to glass artist Josh Simpson. In 1992 his work was one of 100 selected from thousands of international entries for inclusion in the prestigious New Glass Review XIII, published by the Corning Museum of Glass. His work is included in numerous collections, including those of Mrs. Anwar Sadat and Scotland's Holyrood Palace and has been shown in major galleries, museums and juried exhibitions throughout the United States.

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