Samantha Bartlett Spiral Spoonrest Denim

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Spiral Spoonrest in Denim
By Samantha Bartlett

Don't be fooled by the simple design – measuring 4.5″ in diameter and .75″ tall, these ceramic spoonrests have so many practical uses. Not only do we use them to keep our countertops tidy, the spoonrest also makes an excellent coaster for a mug of tea. We've included images of the spoonrest as a teacup lid, keeping things hot while steeping.

Samantha Bartlett is an intern at Wheaton Arts Pottery Studio. She began working in clay shortly after she graduated from Stockton University with a BA in Theatre Literature when she was given the chance to try the potters wheel for the first time. Since then Samantha has taken every opportunity to learn more about the art, taking classes in Philadelphia at the Fleisher Art center and University City Arts League and in Fairbanks Alaska where she was able to learn under James Brashear at the University of Fairbanks. Samantha has a passion for atmospheric kiln firing and has learned so much in her time at Wheaton Arts working with Terry Plaskett and the other potters. She primarily works with porcelain clay bodies and loves to make functional pottery that people will use everyday in their homes.


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