Royal Blue and Orange Threaded Paperweight -Lotton

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Blue and Orange Threaded Paperweight by David Lotton.
Encased Threaded Paperweight in Royal Blue, Orange, Yellow and Spring Green design on a clear ground. Measures approximately 3.5″ diameter x 2.5″ high.

About the Artist

David Lotton Glass Designs

Lowell, IN

David Lotton is a second-generation American glassblower. He is the oldest son of Charles Lotton and was introduced to the world of glassblowing at a very young age. In 1970, Charles started building a furnace and began blowing pieces of glass from melted down pop bottles. David was there during the infancy stage of his father's career. At the age of 10 he was Charles first assistant.

Working every day after school, David learned the art of glass blowing by trial and error. Helping his father build their furnaces, glory holes, batching and all other aspects of glass blowing. David learned more than any college could have taught him. By the age of 15 he began making paperweights and small vases.

in 1978, David made the decision to make glassblowing his life's work. His unique handcrafted works are designed with precise attention to detail. Developing his own glass formulas, David has created a complex palette of colors, giving him the ability to create his multi-layering and sculpting style. Each year David continues to study and refine the techniques he uses in creating his art.

David receives inspiration from his love of nature. He has a successful ranch in Kentucky where he raises cattle and grows hay to feed them. Watching the cattle grow beautiful sunsets, have all birthed his unprecedented, multi-faceted, dynamic creations in glass.

David's creations are treasured by art glass collectors throughout the world. His work is on display in many fine galleries and museums nationwide. David is thankful for all those who have supported his work for over 40+ years.


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