Phyllis Seidner Burnt Sienna Pumpkin

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Ceramic Cutwork Pumpkin Votive in Burnt Sienna

An intricate handcut embellishment of leaves and vine enhances the surface of this 6 inch tall burnt sienna ceramic pumpkin created by Phyllis Seidner. Each pumpkin has an opening wide enough to comfortably accomodate a votive or tealight. Glazed in earthy colors, they are appropriate in any space well beyond the autumn months. The underside of each pumpkin is signed by Phyllis and stamped with her signature fuzzy bunny slipper mark.

Phyllis Seidner is a New Jersey resident and artist. She has been an associate potter under the direction of WheatonArts resident potter, Terry Plasket, since 2006.

All her work is handcrafted on the pottery wheel in the WheatonArts Ceramic Studio. Phyllis' work features the beautiful glazes she creates using salt firing, reduction firing and wood firing. High firing in the kiln results in durable stoneware that is both functional and long lasting.


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