Octopus on Marble Galaxy Red

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Red Spotted Octopus on Galaxy Marble by Mazet Studios. Handcrafted glass Red Octopus sitting on an White and Dichroic Galaxy Marble. Signed on the bottom. Artist Card Included. Measures Approximately 2.75″ high x 2″ wide.

About the Artist

Mazet Studios is the work of the three Mazet brothers: Joshua, Eli and Timothy, who have been creating glass art since about 2000. The Pacific Northwest has become a recognized center for glass art and is very competitive with skilled contemporary lamp workers. The award winning Mazet brothers are based in Eugene, Oregon.

Joshua Mazet received his BFA in Ceramics from the University of Oregon in 1999. After graduating he was invited into the Fine Arts Department as a resident artist. For three years he held a studio at the U of O, instructing 25 students and community members year round in the art of wood fired ceramics.

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