Mini Macrame Purse in Navy/Dijon/Cactus

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Mini Macrame Purse in Navy/Dijon/Cactus by Denise Gould Ledvina.

46″ spiral strap. Outer width 7.75″, inner width
5.5″; outer length 7.25″ with tassels, inner depth 6.25″. Tassels quickly become
fuzzy which enhances the look. Made with durable polypropylene cord that
lasts years and retains color vibrancy.

About the Artist

Denise Gould Ledvina
Turnersville, NJ

I taught myself how to macrame in 2007 so I could make a hemp and bead necklace for my husband. Before then, I had worked for many years with stained glass. I’m a color person and have always gravitated to crafts that allowed me to play around with colors such as crochet, embroidery, and glass. Macrame was a whole new challenge I really enjoyed.

After a year of making necklaces and bracelets, I tried my first simple purse and was hooked. I began collecting old macrame pattern books from the ‘70s which were so helpful for learning how to construct different types of bags and patterns. For me, the most exciting part of the process is creating a new design and perfecting it. I love making colorful intricate pieces that are also functional and stylish

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