Honeycomb Cufflinks by Sorcery Science



Honeycomb Cufflinks by Sorcery Science.

The cufflink itself is a 5/8″ circle on Platinum Plated cufflinks, so they will not tarnish. These cufflinks come gift boxed and ready to give as gift. Everything is handmade in Pittsburgh by Sorcery Science owners, Carrie and Joe.

These cuff-links are a triple layer design; the bottom layer is a yellow honey colored acrylic, then a wooden honeycomb, and a vintage illustration of a bee made out of wood. One cuff-link has a honeycomb and bee and the other has just the honeycomb.
No bees were harmed in the making of these cuff links and no actual honeycomb was used, only wood and acrylic.

Fun Fact: The New Jersey State Insect is the Honeybee. Show your love and support by wearing these cufflinks!

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Weight 1 lbs