Hira Scarf in Black

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Hira Scarf in Black

72″ long x 26″ wide, not including the fringe.
100% Rayon

Lightweight scarf with a two tone pattern in Black, Gray, Cream and Purple. Made in India. 100% Viscose.

About Windhorse Trading Co.

Himalayan Art

For the past 14 years, Windhorse's primary objective has been to represent the quality craftsmanship of artisans of Nepal and India. We have to say we have been successful in that.

Our products are 80% handmade. We mainly employ women to craft the beautiful artwork designed by our team at Windhorse, NY. We believe by doing so, we are encouraging women's empowerment and, at the same time, keeping the art industry alive.

We are proud that we are a part of global efforts to achieve sustainable, eco-friendly economic development for communities around the Himalayan region. Our business and manufacturing process is very environment friendly because of the very nature of production processes that is handcrafted and labor-intensive. In doing so, we have managed to impact the environment positively.

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