Handcarved Wood Mouse Shelf Sitter by Hop Edwards



Handcarved Wood Shelf Sitter Mouse by Hop Edwards. This hand carved wood mouse is perfect to sit on a bookshelf, wall shelf or side table. Measures approximately 3.25″ long x 1.25 w not including the leather tail. Signed on the bottom by artist. Locally created! Your Mouse may slightly differ from the one in the image as they are all handmade.

About the Artist
Ralston “Hop” Edwards
Newfield, NJ

“Hop” Edwards entry into the carving world came in 1982. He progressed quickly through the novice
and intermediate classes. By 1986, he was a contender in the open class, where he won numerous
blue ribbons and best of show awards. “Hoppy” carves many types of animals, wildfowl and song

birds but carving ducks is still his favorite.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs