Hand Carved I Heart Camping

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I Love Camping-Hand Carved Wooden Gnome by Domenick Maggio.This hand carved wood Gnome is holding sign that reads “I Heart Camping” by Domenick Maggio. Carved by a local South Jersey wood carver. Signed on the bottom. Measures approximately 6″ h x 3″ w.

About the Artist

Domenick Maggio

Domenick is a self taught woodcarver from Vineland,NJ who started carving in 1980. He carved caricatures from 1980 until 1984. He then stopped carving for 25 years due to lack of free time, while running his small business with his wife Joan. After closing his business and finding more free time, his desire for woodcarving resurfaced.

The carving is made from Tupelo and painted with acrylics and sealed with a matte lacquer. There is no attempt to remove tool marks because Dom believes this adds to the uniqueness and character of each piece and distinguishes the work as a true woodcarving.

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