Earl Jones – Fire Painted Copper Earrings # 12

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“Fire Painted Copper Earring 12”
by Earl Jones/Puredezine, abstract copper plate with circular cutout center.

These handmade earrings are made with patinaed copper cut into abstract plates with a circular center cutout. Each earring measures approximately 1 1/4 in. wide and 1 1/2 in. long. The wires are hypoallergenic, nickle-free stainless steel with a gold colored plating.

Earl Jones Jewelry
“I have always found inspiration working with my hands. In the 1960s I earned a living renovating homes, a career which led, intriguingly, to sculpting. “As carpenter I collected so many old fixtures and interesting pieces of hardware that I began creating found art”. Sculpture then led me to building fountains made of copper. In 1973 I constructed earring display trees for a local craft gallery when deciding to try my hand at jewelry. For years after this I've honed my skills in the jewelry making technique of lost wax casting. Finally, in 2012, I began creating the work you hold in your hands: fire painted copper jewelry.

Working out of my studio in Baltimore, Maryland, I cut and forge a copper shape and then heat them to elicit variegated colorations. I protect them with a minimun of four layers of lacquer. The earrings will not tarnish, do not require maintenance, and can be worn in the rain, although they should be gently dried with a soft cloth to avoid water spotting on the finish. Please note that excessive scrubbing can weaken the coating. The ear wires are hypoallergenic, nickle-free stainless steel with a gold colored plating.

“Customer enthusiasm is my biggest motivator,”
“I love when people show excitement at the range of shapes and colors in my earrings. They're fascinated by the aesthetic I achieve without using acid.”

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