“Cat’s Eye Nebula” Glass Eye Studio Paperweight

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Celestial Series Paperweight 3″D. Gift Boxed in a velvet gift box with story card.

Glass Eye Studio
Seattle, WA

Glass Eye Studio was founded on the belief that talented glass artists should have a place to work where their skills and creativity are fully appreciated. Glass Eye Studio is collected by people all over the world. Each piece they produce contains ash from the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

The “Cat's Eye Nebula” card states:

Discovered in 1786 the so-called Cat's Eye Nebula is located in the constellation of Draco and is one of the most complex the nebula. It is composed mostly of hydrogen and helium that were ejected by the dying star. The result is the amazing twisted shape, which resembles a Cat's Eye. By studying the life of a nebula, astronomers may well be seeing the fate og our Sun, expected to evole into a nebula in the next 5 billion years.”

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