Cast Glass Heart Paperweight with Two Copper Heart

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Cast Glass Heart Paperweight with Two Red Hearts by Marcy Peterson.

Glass stringers of pink, purple and teal accent this kiln-formed clear glass Heart-shaped Paperweight. Two red frit glass hearts are encased in the center. Uniquely this paperweight is reversible and can be displayed on either side.

The careful blend of fine to coarse crushed glass frit is cast in a ceramic mold to approximately 1400 degrees to fuse into shape.

Place this on your desk or give as a gift.

It measures 3.5″ L x 2 1/4″ W.

Marcy Peterson received her BA in Fine Arts from Rowan University, and studied e-business with graduate work in marketing. Marcy was employed at WheatonArts full-time from 1994 to 2022. While continuing to work with nonprofits today, she prioritizes her artistic abilities and indulges her innovation and creativity.

Marcy first joined WheatonArts as director of the gallery where she represented many artists for 13 years. She richly expanded her creative studies with artists, including Paul Stankard, Lucartha Kohler, and Sally Prasch.

Marcy is exploring and fine-tuning her kiln-formed glass and custom etching processes. She explains, “Cast and fused glass have been my favorites to have and to hold. There is a tactile aspect to the finished work that appeals to me. Now I have the opportunity to design and produce original works. Whether small production or original one-of-a-kind pieces, it is incredibly satisfying to put my originality, inspiration, and history into what I do every day.” #MarcyHP

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