Box Turtle Porcelain Tray by Michelle Post



“Painted Box Turtle Porcelain Tray” by Michelle Post. Hand painted porcelain with an image of a Painted Turtle in yellow and brown.

Measures Approx. 4.5″ l x 4.5″ w

About the Artist

Michelle Post
Millville, NJ

Michelle began her training as a porcelain decorator in the studio of Edward Marshall Boehm, Trenton, NJ in 1974. She also painted for Cybis and Ispanky, also of Trenton before changing her career path to sculpture. For 29 years she was a creative force withing the Steward Johnson Atelier, Hamilton, NJ, working directly with Johnson in the creation of his sculptures and museum shows. During her time with Johnson, Michelle continued her explorations in sculpture and has cast bronze and aluminum pieces installed across the country. She as now returned to the art of porcelain painting and offers her talents to you. She sees porcelain as both sculpture and canvas and has tapped into materials and processes that had been otherwise dismissed by academic artists. Michelle is ushering in a new perspective in the art of porcelain painting.

About the Process

It all starts with a photograph taken with the perfect light. Mornings and evenings have the best light as the colors are richer and the shadows are more dramatic. Michelle prefers to work from her own images. The image is transferred to the porcelain and finely outlined in dark gray. The piece is then fired to premanently set the lines into the glaze.

Thin washes of china paint are then applied to the entire image and left to dry for several days. It is imperative that the paint have time to dry as the paints are not permanent until fired. Painting over areas that have not had time to dry will “lift” the previous paint, compromising all of the work done in that area.

More and more layers are built up with each successive painting. The piece will go through additional firings as it will fuse the paint into the glaze. It is not uncommon for a larger, more detailed piece to go through 3 to 5 firings.

The image on the fired porcelain is permanent and will not fade or deteriorate; it will stay luminous and lustrous forever.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs