Bar Necklace Rose Quartz by Perfecto Glass

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“Bar Necklace” in Rose Quartz by Perfecto Glass. On a gray suede cord that adjusts from 14″ to 16″ long with a Sterling Silver clasp.

Perfecto Glass, Houston Texas

Bryce and Paola Tippner are the husband and wife team behind Perfecto Glass. Founded in 2003 they each bring their own professional experience and outlook to make their line of jewelry unique and memorable. Byrce is a native Oregonian, who during college explored the intricacies of glass and developed the innovative techniques used in the creation of Perfecto Glass Jewelry.
Paola was born in Bogota, Columbia and brings an invaluable contribution with her eye for fashion and background in business and management. At Perfecto Glass Jewelry, our mission is to design and create very unique jewelry that blends fashion, art, affordability and craftsmanship.
Each piece of glass is shaped in a stationary torch using the technique, Lampworking. Once formed, highly durable paint is then applied, by hand, to the back of each work. The result is an effect known as refraction. From clear glass and vivid color, we are left with a natural beauty akin to water in a pool, constantly changing with fluidity. Each completed piece is 100% handmade in our home studio.

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